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Chinese-american voice actor
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Walter Mack - Chinese American Voice Actor

Hello! I'm (yes, i'm writing in the first person ;D) a Chinese-American voice actor.While I've always loved film/TV and grew up playing video games, performing was not something I considered pursuing until I found myself in a theater course in my final year at the University of California, Merced (Go Bobcats) and that need to help tell stories persisted.I've been lucky enough to lend my voice to a variety of video games, animations, audio dramas, and even a few companies.If you have a need for a warm, friendly voice, please reach out: [email protected]

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Character (Video Games + Animation)

Video games

I've been involved with video games in some capacity for as long as I can remember - playing them, joining the industry as a customer service rep (and eventually moving into community and product marketing management), and of course, voice acting in them. From side scrollers to shoot 'em ups and visual novels, I'm always looking forward to any opportunities in the medium!

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In 2023, I was cast as Snobelly, one of the two leads in the animated web series, Quartz Quest. I've also voiced in various animated projects of all kinds - from a prequel animation for a video game to various short films in collaboration with animation students!

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Audio dramas

Audio Dramas are a fantastic medium for storytelling and one of my first roles was in an audio adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. From the reluctant leader of a group of teenagers given the ability to turn into animals in a series revealed to be set within the Animorphs universe to a jealous villain aiming to destroy his own brother, audio dramas are perhaps where I've been allowed to play the most varied types of characters.

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I adore explainer and whiteboard videos, having watched a lot of them to supplement what I was learning in school. I have a degree in English and a minor in education, so it's a format I'm a great fit for! Whether you're looking for a warm, approachable voice to explain a concept, what your company does, or a character (like the student I voiced in Horizon Digital Campus' video) for your explainer or whiteboard video, I'm your guy!

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• Rode NT1-A
•Neat King Bee II

• Scarlett Focusrite 2i4

Selected works - For full credits list please see IMDb page

Quartz QuestSnobellyAnimated Series
Age of ReasonGovernment Agent 2Film (English Dub)
Nightshade AcademyDice BayinAudio Drama
Weird Looking DogsIanAnimated Short
Pilgrimage SagaMichael GreyAudio Drama
Heart FragmentInigoVisual Novel
Joey and RattataRedAnimated Short
Door Kickers: Action SquadVarious EnemiesVideo Game


"We've worked with Walter on Door Kickers: Action Squad on a number of character voices. He's always been fast, efficient and quick to produce great results and - when needed - adapt to feedback or changes to get the right tone and attitude out of those voice lines. We'll be happy to work together again!"- Dan, Co-Founder & Game Designer, Killhouse Games******

"Walter is a talented voice actor with understanding for details. He knew exactly what we are looking for and he put his spirit into his game character in our game Forgotten but Unbroken. No need for any extra re-takes or corrections. That's why to work with him was easy and pleasure at the same time."- Branislav, co-founder of Centurion Developments

"Walter is a wonderful actor and a pleasure to work with. He has a broad range of acting styles and was dedicated to bringing the character of Michael to life. It was lovely working with Walter both as a director and producer, and I would definitely work with him again at the first opportunity."- Francesca Mylod-Ford, Starstrider Productions******

"Walter was a joy to work with. He provided quick and quality lines with multiple takes, accurate to the character as described. If the opportunity arises, we'd love to work with him again."- Michael & Jordan, Distracted Devs******

If I've voiced in a project for you and you'd like to write a testimonial, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]


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